Sunday 1 September 2013

Letter to the Editor-Regarding 'She's the Business'

I read Samantha Kelly's blog last night. (@tweetingsamm @tweetingGoddess)  She was on a programme called 'She's the Business' on Tuesday night.

John Boland reviewed the programme yesterday.  I sent this letter to the Editor of the Irish Independent this morning.

1st September 2013

Dear Madam,

I refer to John Boland's review of 'She's the Business' which was shown on RTE on Tuesday 27th August.

Ms Samantha Kelly's personal life is discussed in the article. 'Samantha had two children, by two different fathers.  Neither of whom lived with her.'

If the programme had been called, 'He's the Business,' would Mr Boland have seen fit to comment on a blended family and who lives with whom?  That fact that her daughters have different fathers is not relevant to the programme.

Ms Kelly is raising two children, one hearing impaired and the other with diabetes and trying to get a business off the ground.

He describes that women in the programme as 'quirky' because only one of them is married.  I suggest Mr Boland gets out more.

He sums up, 'The ending was certainly decidedly downbeat.'  It would be nice to have a programme in which every participant goes on to have a roaring trade.  However, again, Mr Boland needs to see a bit more of the real world.  It takes courage to be an entrepreneur in this economic climate, especially with dependant children and that is the message I took from the programme.

Yours faithfully

Carol Clarke