Tuesday 29 November 2011

Singing for little babies

Last Tuesday, a twitter friend (Derek) asked me if I was interested in joining a group of people from Twitter who were going to record a song for charity.  I presumed that these people all knew one another well but later discovered that most of them had only contacted one another through the medium of Twitter.  Not being sure I could even sing, I thought about it for a while and then thought, 'What the hell!' and I was in.

I later discovered that the suggestion had first been posted by Brenda Drumm on Saturday 19th November.  She left the decision of the charity to benefit from the single to a democratic vote and Unit 8, Neo-Natal ward in Holles Street was picked. Waiting nervously during the week for the announcement of  the song; 'Winter Song' was quickly chosen.  I downloaded it from iTunes and immediately fell in love with it.

All week long I walked up and down my quiet little country road with my iPod plugged in, singing to myself.  Once terrifying a neighbour and her dog who were walking behind me. I told no-one that I would be recording the song with 139 (approx) other 'characters' in the Westin Hotel in Dublin on Sunday 27th November.  In fact I only told my husband on the Friday before and his reaction was, 'you singing?' 

Undeterred I made it to Dublin and walked nervously into the beautiful hall in the Westin Hotel.  I was terrified by that stage.  However I began to talk to people around me and discovered that most had come alone and from far away.  They were some of the nicest and friendliest people I've ever met.

I thought I was clever and sat in the back row.  However we were quickly told to stand on the chairs in order to be heard.  The next three hours were hard work, recording and re-recording.  Singing harmonies and hitting notes (I hope) I never thought I could.  But I loved it, and knowing that it was for a good cause felt even better.  Imagine, some of the babies born in Holles Street can be half a pound.  Ian Callanan was the musical organiser and he was very good natured with his thrown-together choir.  He even gently teased us when we were supposed to be watching him and instead were reading the lyrics on the wall behind. "It's only three words, Is Love Alive? Surely you can remember that?" We laughed.

Is Love Alive?
'Winter Song' will be out this week.  I hope that for all involved and those special babies that it does extremely well.  I know it was one of the most uplifting things I've been involved in this year.  The twitter trend is #twitterxmassingle. Good on ya Brenda and happy birthday.



    will spread the word down here!!

    cant believe you actually sang - haha!!!

  2. Damn, wanted to get the first comment up lol! Well done, Carol. Lovely post and welcome to the blogging world!

  3. Hi Carol, just signed up as your first follower.

  4. Great read! So that's why you were singing!

  5. Great Blog Carol - and great to meet you and chat again today - look forward to the update now that #twitterxmassingle is here! :o)