Monday 1 April 2013

Another Day in Renting Paradise- A to Z Challenge

This is my first post on the A to Z Challenge.  I hope you will bare with me on this challenge as I'm a novice at writing and Blogging. Please see

Diane and Teresa sat on the second-hand sofa together, watching a soap on the battered T.V. The third member of the group of girls that were renting, Sorcha, had gone upstairs with her boyfriend.  Diane and Sorcha had had dinner together before Teresa came home late and sodden from her job.

Sorcha was in love and this made the girls very happy.  The three girls had met through an ad in the local paper but they had hit it off immediately.  Partying and chatting together, almost like sisters.  When Sorcha met David it had unbalanced the group but he quickly became a part of the gang.

Diane noticed the noise first.  From upstairs.  She laughed to herself and turned the volume up on the T.V.  Concentrating on the storyline of the soap.  Unfortunately the bedroom was above the sitting room and the walls were not thin.

Finally, Teresa, sat bolt upright.  Looked in terror at Diane and said,

"Crap, do you hear that squeaking?  I think we've got............mice!"