Monday 8 April 2013

Happiness is.......

Happiness is sitting with my family,
Cuddled together on the sand,
Gathered with friends around a campfire,
Singing songs, as the waves gently break.

Happiness is sitting at a dinner table,
Surrounded by young friends.
Everyone is laughing and joking
The night is ahead of us.

Happiness is lying in bed
With my love snuggling in behind me.
He whispers 'see how you fit perfectly'
And kisses your neck.

Happiness is sitting in a newly built tree-house,
My young son is beside me
And we're reading a book together
He smiles and says "This is the life!"

Ventry Beach at Sunset


  1. I was just composing my H post! I bet you'll never guess what it's going to be... Happiness is. I guess great minds think alike :) Now I'm off to finish writing my post.

  2. Wanted to write something upbeat! Will read yours now !

  3. Fantastic post, Carol. You've painted a picture of perfect happiness. :-)

  4. Ah Carol this is fab.....Happiness is all of these things :)