Tuesday 23 April 2013

Science, social media and seduction.

Writing a blog a day has been difficult.  When I came to 'S' I was stumped.  Science, social media and seduction are the three topic that were suggested to me.  So here goes:

I have belatedly discovered a love of science.  Doing biology as a subject for my Leaving Cert was no laughing matter as there was no internet to copy and paste from.  Instead I had to learn lists and since my recall memory is atrocious it was painful process, both for me and my teacher.

Now, however, the choice of information about our world is almost overwhelming. From nano-technology to space, to our bodies and psychology, every day I discover something new and fascinating about our world.

On facebook I follow, 'I Fucking Love Science.'  The enthusiasm might be a bit over-stated but nevertheless, it's always an interesting read.

You see, social media has become a very efficient way of sharing links to science topics.  @spaceporn is an excellent account on twitter.  (Sorry about all the strong language, I don't name them, just follow them).  And, of course, the wondrous @Cmdr_Hadfield, who tweets from space and reflects our beautiful world back to us.  He has done as much in raising NASA's profile in the past few months as the first Astronauts did when they landed on the moon.

Using my phone I can find any constellation in the sky using an App.  Although sometimes it's nice to just sit outside and look at the stars.

As for seduction, what do I know about that?  .............although I've been told a sense of humour goes a long way.

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  1. I always enjoy reading I F love Science posts when folk repost them on FB but I can't bring myself to click the like button lol.

    And I think @spaceporn will be a step too far! :D