Friday 5 April 2013

E.T. phones home

My E post for the A to Z Challenge

Everyone was talking about E.T. the movie in 1982.  It was the film of the year.  My family were invited over to the neighbours house to watch it on their new VCR.  Which was as exciting as seeing the movie.  We all piled into the neighbours house.  Four kids and four adults to watch E.T. on a twenty inch t.v.  In case anyone reading this hasn't seen the film.... (no spoilers) we were all bawling our eyes out by the end of the movie.  Steven Spielberg knows how to tell a story.  The nub of it was that communication and connection is what makes the world tick.

Ten years later.........

I was sent to work in a 'foreign' town by a bank.  Every Wednesday night I would wait by the phone box to ring my parents at an appointed time.  By this time, I was having a whale of a time with my friends, sharing rented accommodation and out several nights a week.  But when I heard my parents and my brothers voices, I would feel a pang of loneliness.  There is nothing that drags you home like hearing the voices from home.

Twenty years later..........

I use facetime to chat with my parents.  Not often enough.  But as a certain ad says, 'it's good to talk.'

Our technology is now better than E.T.'s

Take that Spielberg.

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  1. ah now in fairness, he didn't know Facetime was coming did he ;)