Saturday 6 April 2013


Liz knew old Frank from seeing him in town at the weekends.  He was a friendly man who sometimes seemed a bit befuddled but was always chatty and helpful.

Therefore she got a shock when she turned the corner in the car park and saw Frank walking, precariously near the top of the escalator.  He was gingerly stepping up the wrong escalator as it was descending down.  A small crowd of about five people were standing at the top waiting.  Frank seems to be mustering all his strength to keep going.  He was tired and was only just about keeping ahead of the descending steps.  If he went backwards he would fall but he was unable to quickly reach the top.

With a couple of steps to go Liz couldn't watch anymore.  "Somebody help him!"  She pushed her way past the onlookers and as she did a man she recognised, Tom, stepped forward too.  Standing either side of the top they leaned in, offering a hand each.  Frank knew he was taking a risk removing his hands from the moving rails but he was worn out.  Liz and Tom got a good hold of Frank's weather-beaten hands and gently helped him over the top of the escalator in onto safe ground.

The three of them stood and looked at one another.  Frank tried to explain how he had gotten into the predicament in the first place, at the top of this voice.  He was looking around desperately at the crowd.  They ignored him and went on their way on the now unobstructed stairway.  Liz wanted to say to them to stop and give him a hearing and a bit of his dignity back.  But instead she and Tom stood and listened even though what he was saying made little sense.


  1. Brilliant post, Carol. You are a gifted story-teller.

  2. awh. what a story! *sniffles
    Poor man